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Friday, August 17, 2007

About Zyps

Zyps are small creatures with minds of their own. You can choose whether you want a Zyp to chase the others, run away from them, or eat them for lunch. Then drop it in the midst of the crowd, and see what it does. If it’s cool, create a dozen more just like it. If not, choose from the many other actions and make something else.

Download Zyps for Windows Download Zyps
for Windows
- OR -

Install the pure-Ruby gem!
sudo gem install zyps

Start with the sample game, and play with the actions provided there. Or get the Ruby library, which lets you easily make your own actions, or even your own games. It’s LGPL licensed, so it’s open-source and free to use however you want.

approach2.png Pull-Pull gravity.png
These predators are circling around a piece of food. Complex behaviors emerge through interaction. You can add environmental factors like wind or gravity.

For a quick overview of programming with Zyps, see the screencast. Then visit the documentation to get started on your own programs. You can also learn from other Zyps users at the forums.

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