Jay McGavren's Journal


My Ruby Notes from 2006

A coworker found her notes from very, very early in her Ruby studies and shared them with the team. I was certain I had some as well, but couldn’t find them at the time. I just stumbled across them today.

The file date (yeah, I kept these in a .txt file) was from March 27, 2006. So this was a few months after the original demo of Rails - that was what made me finally hop on the Ruby bandwagon.


Unity Cheat Sheet

I’ve been reading Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C# by Joseph Hocking in my spare time. Like most of the Unity resources out there, it’s great as a tutorial, less so as a reference book.

I keep remembering that I saw how to do a thing somewhere in the book, and flipping back and forth trying to find it again. This is true for even the most basic stuff, like instantiating a prefab or accessing components of a GameObject. And then there’s additional stuff I learned in the docs and on forums. I needed a place I could refer back to for a quick refresher on all this.


Templating Plain Text Files With ERB

I maintain my talk slides in Markdown these days, converting them to PowerPoint using Pandoc. One of my talks includes exercises, all of which need to follow the same format.

Each exercise has these repeated elements:

  • Short URL to exercise on Go Playground
  • Long URL in a comment, in case anything ever happens to the short URL
  • Exercise preview
  • Cheat sheet (with short URL repeated so I can leave it up on the screen)
  • Solution


Coping with MacOS Mojave for Web Development

For pretty much every Mac I’ve ever owned, I’ve copied my configuration from machine to machine. But when one does so, a lot of unused cruft builds up over the years. So I’ve decided to wipe everything and start totally (well, okay, mostly) from scratch. This is a rare learning opportunity and so I’m documenting my setup here, for my reference and for yours.

This post is intended to be a living document. I’ll be updating it as I discover improved settings. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Be warned: I am an Apple skeptic. I don’t like the direction recent MacOS versions have gone, and many of my settings represent an attempt to get back to “the good old days”. If you’re one of those fans who think Apple can do no wrong, and you want to make use of all the latest MacOS features, you may want to find another configuration guide. Now get off my lawn!


Setting Up New Google Accounts for Developers

I don’t like many of the default settings in GMail and other Google accounts. And sadly, there is no settings import, so new accounts have to be set up manually. I just switched employers, so I find myself having to set up a new account from scratch. I’m recording my settings changes here in the hopes it will help others out.